We just put the finishing touches for one of our marketing clients, Box Brothers.  We’re extremely proud to show off this beautiful, new responsive website we designed that is mobile friendly and packed with SEO tools. Check out the site http://boxbros.com

Box Brothers a Southern California-based business, just like us, that we’ve been working with since 2008 so they’re practically a part of our family. We built their first SEO based website back in ’08 and loaded it with awesome SEO tools, which helped the Box Bros achieve the top organic Google ranking for keyword searches using the words “boxes” and “moving, Los Angeles.”

Their first site was so successful, they decided to manage it “in-house” for a few years, but with no tech expert at the helm, they slowly slid down the Google rankings, and eventually realized the value of having a pro handle their technology – so they came back to us….we say “Excellent Choice”.

Now, their responsive website features:

  1. A fully responsive design with all new code so it sizes to all screens
  2. A new layout with cool graphics and all new written content
  3. A custom location and scheduling tool that makes it easier for customers to order moving, packing and shipping supplies

If you ask us, the Box Bros’ biggest new toy is the powerful SEO component we built into the site to get it back on top of the Google search rankings where they belong. Going forward, we will continue to maintain their website so it never loses it’s SEO punch again.

If you would like to find out more about how our marketing team at Zyphon Media can help your business, we invite you to make an appointment with us today.