With our home here in Southern California, it’s no secret we love the ocean. We are so passionate about underwater sports we recently began using our collective SCUBA expertise to specialize in the design of custom SCUBA diving sites.

For the past year, our team of experts has been hard at work designing sites for some of the biggest SCUBA companies in the United States. Today we’re excited to unveil a new site we just launched for DivEncounters, one of the premier “luxury liveaboard” diving expedition providers in the world.

We really enjoyed working with everyone at DivEncounters. The head of DivEncounters, Peter A. Hughes, has been creating amazing dive adventures for the past 40 years, and if you ask us, is still offering the best dive experiences in the most sought after dive destinations.

Our team of experts redesigned the website so it’s responsive – mobile device and tablet friendly. And since DivEncounters is an alliance of the best SCUBA expedition providers in the world, we made sure and gave all the boats equal time in the spotlight. We put a lot of care into crafting dynamic homepages for each of the dive expeditions. We stocked their pages with their own branded promotional video that highlights their boat, crew, dive destination, schedule, pricing, itinerary and as well as their newsletters, trip reports and glossy underwater photos from their part of the world.

In the end, we had a lot of fun customizing a website for DivEncounters that we believe SCUBA divers would love to visit.  Give their site a tour and if you love diving like we do, you may find yourself day dreaming of your next vacation.

If you are the owner of a SCUBA business that’s looking to build your web presence, our team of experts has the experience and the passion to build a fantastic site for you. If you want to learn more, make an appointment with us today. And if want to stay up to date with everything Zyphon media is up to, follow us here on our blog and our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.