G.A. Systems manufactures and distributes high quality cafeteria serving equipment to the American Educational System. G.A. Systems is rapidly expanding to provide its services from Southern California to other areas of the United States.  By utilizing email marketing tools, they will help in maximizing their industry exposure, while minimizing their marketing expenses.

G.A. Systems and their sales staff have been participating in the Association for School Nutrition Conferences and maximizing the potential of their contact database to inform their clients about upcoming shows, exhibits, and conferences.

Shortly after an event, our marketing experts follow up with event participants with an email about news from the event, future news and events, and further product and sales information. This marketing information includes product highlights, calls to action, links to the website and contact data.

By using the email reporting software, our marketing experts work with G.A. Systems staff to analyze open/delete rates, bounce rates, click-throughs, spam filtering and more to develop new campaigns targeted at refined lists from analysis of the data.

The email campaign and data analysis has proven effective in focusing the company’s efforts on the most likely sales before, during, and after events. Concentrating on these potential sales leads has increased G.A. Systems’ market exposure and improved sales.