It’s high fives all around Zyphon Media today. We just finalized our marketing work on a beautiful, new responsive web portal for The Metro Anesthesia Group (MAG) so we’re in the mood to celebrate.

When we first met the MAG folks, they told us they were having scheduling issues with some of the antiquated systems used by the surgery centers in their network. We listened to their needs and offered a solution, “What if we built a custom scheduling tool on your new site that everyone in your network could access (and update) in real time 24/7/365? It would certainly help support your network of anesthesiologists in the field.”

The folks over at MAG loved the idea so we went to work. That was back in 2008.

Here we are a few years later and all our hard work has paid off. MAG has an awesome repsonsive website that looks great and performs even better from a marketing persective. It’s fully responsive so it sizes to all screens, and fully loaded with SEO tools to keep MAG at the top of Google searching rankings.

But the biggest hit (if you ask any Anesthesiologist or RNA in their network) is the scheduling tool. Now that every surgery-related communication is located in one place, everyone from the anesthesia professionals to the outpatient surgery centers remain on the same page. And when there is a late cancellation, the scheduling tool will help MAG find a new anesthesiologist who fits the surgery center’s exact specifications.

The calendar tool we created for MAG will continue to strengthen their relationship with their surgery Center clients and keep their operation humming like a fine-tuned medical machine for years to come. Ou

If you would like to find out more about how our marketing firm, Zyphon Media can help your business, we invite you to make an appointment today.