Mobile and Responsive Websites


Responsive website design is an approach to website design where a site is designed and built to fit comfortably on devices of any screen size.

This latest developmental approach to website design aims to solve the problem of how to get a single site design to fit on all the different screen sizes of various mobile devices that are now becoming the primary method of accessing the Web.


Benefits of Responsive Website Design


  • Less expensive to produce and maintain than separate websites for desktop, tablets, and phones
  • A better user experience means happier customers and clients
  • Search Engines rank responsive sites higher


More About Mobile and Responsive Website Design


Gone are the days where users only access the Web from a desktop computer. Only a few years ago, designers could plan on that so websites were built to suit those larger desktop monitors. This often resulted in websites of a fixed width, which is fine on a desktop computer monitor, but often presents a poor user experience on new devices such as tablets and smart phones.


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